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  • URGENT: Wa'az change of time 

    Moazzaz Mu'mineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam Kindly note: Aqa Moula(TUS)' wa'az mubarak relay will now start at 6.15 pm in consideration of the duration of the wa'az. We request you arrive at the masjid/markaz well before the start of the relay. Abeede Syedna(TUS) Anjuman-e-Burhani
  • Silo-Fitro

    Moazzaz Mu'mineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam Kindly note this year's rates: Adults $4.40 per person Children/Amwaat/Hamal $2.20 per person Thank you Abde Syedna Aali Qadar(TUS) Anjuman-e-Burhani
  • Misaq Majlis on Friday July 11 at the Markaz

    Moazzaz Mu'minen of Toronto Baad Afzalusalaam Shabbirbhaisaheb Nuruddin will hold a Misaq Majlis on Friday July 11 at 8.00 pm at the Markham Markaz. Every mumin, Muminaat and misaqwala farzando who goes to the Markham Markaz for namaaz but have yet to give misaq to Syedna Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin must do so this coming Friday. It is a condition of Deen (Imaan) that makes it mandatory on every mu'min that he/she gives misaq to the new Dail Mutlaq Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) at the earliest opportunity. Please note: For mardo, the important part of the misaq ceremony is that of giving "safqat". If last time you attended the misaq majlis but went away you went away without giving safqat, then really you have not pledged misaq. In summary, no safqat - no misaq. Al
  • Vajebaat "Ada" Bethak

    Moazzaz mu'mineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam Vajebbat Takhmeem Bethak: Today, Wednesday and tomorrow, Thursday after Niyaz. Vajebaat "ada" Bethak will be held on Friday July 11 after the salawaat niyaz at the masjid. The bethak will be in the masjid proper. We will make every effort to make sure your wait time is kept short. Since you are fulfilling a farizat for the whole family, we suggest the whole family should be present. Aqa Moula TUS apna vajebaat qabool farmave ane apna vaste du'a farmave. Khuda Ta'ala aapni umr nedaraaz anedaraaz kare jaha lag ke aa jagat ma vajebaat denaar mu'mineen baki hoi, aameen. Shukran Dua am yaad karva khaas iltemaas che. Abeede Syedna(TUS) Anjuman-e-Burhani
  • Shehrullah Timings

    Moazzaz Mu'mineen of the Toronto Anjuman Baad afzalusalaam Here are some pertinent timings to note during shehrullah-il-moazzam. We will keep on updating you as we go along for new events and where there are changes on the already announced events. 1. Salaat Timings for Imamat namaaz Fajar 1st week 5.20 am Zohar 1.30pm 2. Qur'an-e-majid no daur will start at 7.45 pm followed by Surat hifz and Bayaan. We are hoping that maximum number of mu'mineen will participate in the daur. 3. Vajebaat Takhmeem Betha
  • Markham Markaz

    Moazzaz Mu'mineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam Again this year, we have rented a hall in Markham for Shehrullah for the convenience of mu'mineen residing in Markham and the neighbouhood. It will be operationl as of today. For the next 30 days we will have: Mahrib/Isha namaaz. Prior to that Qur'an Duar, Surat Hifz and bayaan at 7.45 pm; and later salawaat niyaz. Shabbirbhaisaheb ibn Ubaibhaisaheb will do the Ramazan khidmat Markham Markaz. Fajar and possibly zohar-Asr namaaz On behalf of Aqa Moula(TUS), Janab Aamilsaheb and Anjuman-e-Burhani invite you, your entire family and mehmano to salawaat niyaz. Here is the address to the markaz.
  • Shehrullah 1435 - Niyaz Invitation

    Moazzaz Mumineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam. Shehrulla-il-Moazzam aap sagla ne mubarak mohanna thai and a'a faazeel dino ane raato ma du'aa ma yaad karva khaas iltemaas karye che. Janab Aamilsaheb and Anjuman-e-Burhani invite you and your family and all the mehmano to iftari and niyaz on behalf of Aqa Moula(TUS) for all 30 days. We look forward to your presence on all 31 nights. Let us pray in Allah Ta'ala's darbar - be-hakke Dai's Zamaan(TUS) - that He gives us tawfeeq and yari to fulfill farizat obligations in compliance with shariat and in accordance with Aqa Moula(TUS)'s farmaan and khushi mubarak. May Allah grant our Moula(TUS) a long life ta qayamat in utmost sehat and aafiya', aameen. Abeede Syedna(TUS) Anjuman-e-Burhan
  • Draw Results - Mumenat Baheno Seating Allocation Shehrullah-il-Moazzam 1435H

    Baad Afzalus Salaam Mumenat Baheno of Toronto Anjuman: This is to inform you that Draw Results o f Muminaat Baheno Seating Allocation (Masjid & Sehan) have been published to Anjuman-e-Burhani(Toronto) Online Profile Management System. To view the result, Kindly visit the following link. Also we remind you that Masjid and Sehan Card Pickup Date from Jamaat office is Friday - 29 Shaban al-Karim, 1435 - June 27, 2014 an hour before Magrib Namaz Abide Syedna (TUS) Anjumane Burhani( Toronto)
  • 1435 Ramadan Niyaaz

    Moazzaz Mu’mineen of Toronto Baad afzalusalaam Shehrullah-il-Moazzam are just about a month away and our attention, as it should, turns to the preparations (ohbat) for this holy month so that mu’mineen can participate in the ibadaat and niyaz to the fullest, at the masjid and markaz. Most if not all families join in the niyaz khidmat during Shehrullah either by contributing in one or more niyaz units or by joining with other families to do 1 whole niyaz or in many cases one family does the full niyaz. By doing the niyaz we are emulating the amal of Moulana Ali Mushkil Kusha(SA) and Moulanal Hayyil Muqaddas Syedna Burhanuddin Aqa(RA) in feeding the mawaid to muslims/mu’mineen. Khuda Ta’ala aa jaman jamarnaro ne motu ajar aapjo. We are hoping that you will contin
  • Mumenaat Baheno Masjid Seating Registration for Shehrullah-il-Moazzam 1435H

    Mumenaat Baheno Masjid Tanzeem Shehrullah-il-Moazzam 1435H Baad Afzalus Salaam Mumenat Baheno of Toronto Anjuman: Shehrullah- il- Moazzam is once again upon us. As in previous years, in order to facilitate fair Mumenaat Baheno Masjid Tanzeem we will organize random allocation. Registration process and rules are as stated below. Registration, Draw and Card Distribution Dates Dates Day Hijri Gregorian Registration Open Date Saturday 25 Rajab al-Asab, 1435 May 24, 2014 Registration Close Date Friday 15 Shaban al-Karim, 1435 June 13,

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